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Top 10 Change Management Consulting/Services Companies in APAC - 2019

With the help of a guided and well-planned approach to change management, HR departments can strategically retrain their people to be more adaptive and receptive of new regimes and management styles. And, as change is not always easy to accept in an individual’s life, developing the right methods and techniques to adapt the ‘change’ effectively and efficiently to all parties involved is very important.

For HR professionals in any vertical, the most commonly faced challenge is that of finding the best ways to manage organizational change effectively. And, owing to the sheer volume of solution providers in the marketplace, change management consulting companies have emerged to help an enterprise’s HR department streamline their operations and decision-making activities. These firms not only aid HR professionals select the most optimal products that improve planning and implementation functions, but also offer expert advice on the best management practices to address all responsibilities.

Moreover, in today’s fast-changing environment, possessing the right change management skills prove to be extremely beneficial. With a comprehensive understanding of change—via the extensive expertise offered by consulting companies—HR professionals develop the ability to foresee and plan for forthcoming events and opportunities. By employing the services of consulting companies, adopting the latest technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and process automation systems becomes significantly convenient and cost-effective.

In the wake of these technology transitions, we are glad to feature Prosci, a leading organization in change management and the provider of choice for most Fortune 100 companies. Prosci combines scientific research with the people side of change to deliver result-focused solutions that enable clients to achieve change and grow organizational change capability. Another featured company, Bill Synnot and Associates (BSA), leverages its change management expertise, nurtured over the last four decades, to offer a wide range of HR services for over organizations worldwide. With executive coaching, team development, consultancy, facilitating, and training, the team BSA has worked with over 700 clients across the globe in identifying and enacting change transformations, endeavors, and initiatives. Also contributing extensively to the field are PACE, HumanCapient Consulting, The Consulting Space, and Lim-Loges & Masters (LLM), each of which are human resources specialists in assisting clients with organizational transformation. Alongside, we have wm consulting. This company offers effective leadership and talent development, corporate coaching, organizational development, and cultural transformation services for enterprises across all verticals.

With several innovative technological capabilities and success stories up its sleeves, these HR consulting and services companies are spearheading the charge toward fulfilling the rising demands of the industry. We hope this issue of the HR Tech Outlook helps you build the partnership you and your firm needs to foster a technologically-driven change management environment.

We present to you HR Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 HR Change Management Consulting/Services Companies in APAC – 2019.”

    Top Change Management Consulting Companies in APAC

  • Bill Synnot and Associates (BSA) is recognised as a leading organisational change management specialists. With over forty years of experience in change management, executive coaching, team development, consultancy, facilitating, and training, the BSA team have worked with over 700 clients worldwide in identifying and enacting change transformations, endeavours and initiatives. With their industry experience, Bill Synnot and his team have developed the Change Management Knowledge Base. A web-based application utilised by management professionals to learn and enact Change Management in their organisation from a simple web-search query

  • In 2007, a group of consultants at HumanCapient Consulting (HumanCap)—united by a core belief that people lie at the heart of any change—started enabling change and ensuring its effective management in such enterprises. HumanCap is one of Malaysia’s emerging management consultancy firms that has served medium to Fortune 500 Malaysian companies for more than 10 years. A staff strength of 40-odd people brings a wealth of experience and provides diverse expertise to tailor solutions to meet the unique nature of their clients. As one of the top change management companies, HumanCap has been enabling change in different types of organizations across industries for over a decade

  • Loges & Masters (LLM) —a boutique human resources specialist—has brought forth a total people solution that propels businesses, inspires brand loyalty, and impacts stakeholders in the long run. Managing change effectively lies at the heart of LLM’s proposition. With a group of nimble and creative experts holding unique expertise that helps drive transformation from the needs of today to the reality of a fast-changing tomorrow, LLM strives to identify, train and position key leaders and specialists to shape organizations and spur transformational change. In a bid to steer companies undergoing change to the path of success, LLM brings three core services to the table—Disruption Management, Executive Search, and Transition Management.

  • Since 1998, PACE has been pushing the frontiers of Organization Development (OD) in Asia-Pacific and beyond, working with large organizations, leaders and their teams in its vision to advance organizations through transformational, world-class OD solutions. PACE helps organization attain effectiveness by realizing shared aspirations with authenticity and solves issues pertaining to leadership, change, culture, performance and customer service. The firm equips people and leaders to become future-ready and certifies facilitators to run its Real Series programs around the world. Led by Dr. Lily Cheng and Dr. Peter Cheng, PACE is a multi-cultural team consisting of professional and dynamic individuals that pool their diverse experiences and deep expertise to give their best to its clients

  • The Prosci ADKAR Model supports the client organization to achieve the greatest benefits from their change initiatives. Founded in 1994 by former Bell Labs engineer and program manager Jeff Hiatt, Prosci today is a global team of change fanatics and advocates focused on customer success. With Prosci, businesses can access the world’s largest body of change management research, based on the experience and insights of thousands of change leaders over two decades. as one of the top change management companies in the APAC region, Prosci offers simple and seamless change management models and tools that provide a sensible approach for a smoother transition. The company’s change management services’ concrete benchmarks and clearly defined goalposts make it easy to measure the success of any change initiatives

  • The Consulting Space was formed in 2009 and since then has become a trusted advisor to a number of clients. The firm’s focus has always been on partnering and collaborating with its clients to deliver truly tailored solutions. TCS specializes in enabling extraordinary business transformations to succeed through understanding, analyzing and engaging with organizations. TCS also plays a role in supporting small businesses that are not yet of a size where they can employ an HR Manager, but understand the benefit of sound workplace relations advice and human resources strategy. The company’s collaborative approach to designing and delivering training has enabled it to deliver complex Learning & Development projects

  • wm consulting offers leadership and talent development, corporate coaching, organizational development, and cultural transformation services. The company primarily focuses on mobilizing and transforming business cultures and establishes a solid foundation for leaders to develop a positive behavior toward implementing, managing, and embracing the change. The firm has developed various talent and skill development tools as well as coaching and leadership programs to equip leaders with the confidence and effective communication skills to hold rigorous conversations with their teams around change. Additionally, wm consulting provides a 360-degree analysis of the executive team and next-level leaders through credible self-awareness behavioral profiling tools such as LSI

  • Approach Services

    Approach Services

    The goal of Approach Services is to enhance the image of the world's work-life by altering the ways of thinking of individuals. The task of Approach Services is to provide practical project and renovation advice and creative growth of management to practitioners in Perth, Western Australia, and reach out to the remainder of the globe. Approach Services continually offer, analyze, and enhance their consulting, coaching, and training to achieve industry best practices. Furthermore, Approach Services believe that one of the most underutilized competitive benefits in the business universe is the variety of backgrounds, styles, characters, and achievements when well run

  • quantumsteppe advisory

    quantumsteppe advisory

    The globe is in continual flux as we run it today. Business disruption has become a popular word. Therefore, there is an overwhelming need to redefine, re-engineer, and reimagine a centric organization of the future. Quantumsteppe advisory delivers significant outcomes to the correct individuals to contest the status quo. Quantumsteppe advisory is dedicated to improving efficiency and potential development capacities for sustainable organizations. Not only do these principles direct the day-to-day execution of QSA's consultative job, but more importantly, it lays the very basis of the mid-to-long-term policies that we are closely engaged with our customers

  • RED Consulting Group

    RED Consulting Group

    With over two centuries of scholarly, business teaching and administrative techniques across Asia and Africa, RED Consulting Group leverages its solid background. Furthermore, to create efficient and permanent changes to education and personal development, RED Consulting Group associates with today's organizational and business rulers. The competent advisors of the RED Consulting Group assist organizations to position themselves better to attain their strategic objectives, compete for scarce funds, and invest in the future. The professional advisors of the RED Consulting Group play a leading position in the evaluation, development, and implementation of corporate learning models for many multinational and local companies